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Our mission is to simplify the life of I.T. professionals.

We accomplish this by providing a single point of contact to facilitate conversations with the technology brands that professionals want to learn more about. We conduct industry surveys to identify top networking challenges faced by networking experts. Additionally, we guide professionals through our network to help implement a chosen and effective solution.

Networking initiatives include:

Switches, Storage Networking, Routers, Software Networking, Network Automation, Network Visibility, Mobile Networking, Transceivers, Network Management, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

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Thanks, the experience was great and I made a good contact with Brocade. Your organization offers a great service - Bill Abrams

Director IT Operations, Eastman Kodak

This was a very productive meeting. I was able to make contact with the manufacturer’s rep as a new sales contact. - David Adams

Manager of IS, Brunswick EMC

Your team has been great to work with. I have found ITBR to be an excellent resource to assist me in finding the companies and solutions I need for my IT organization. - Tom J


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