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Terms of Use

1. In order to qualify for this reward you MUST:

A. Speak with one of our customer service representatives to verify the answers provided.

B. Successfully complete all QUALIFYING questions.

C. Provide full business contact information. This includes, but may not be limited to: i. First name ii. Last name iii. Title iv. Business email address v. Business phone number vi. Street address vii. City viii. State ix. Zip Code

D. Any personal information, unless specifically asked for, will render the submitted form ineligible for this reward.

E. Submit only one request for the offer per person, per promotion. Should we identify during our validation process that you have submitted multiple forms or used multiple aliases, all associated survey forms will become null and void for this offer.

F. Not be an employee or reseller of the sponso technology brand associated with a specific promotional offer.

G. Be a current resident of the United States or Canada.

2. This offer is valid only for fully qualified and verifiable business contacts. Your eligibility will be determined during a conversation with you following your submittal of the survey form.

3. By completing the survey, you are allowing I.T. Buyer’s Resource and affiliates to contact you to confirm survey information.

4. If an appointment was scheduled, the promotional incentive will be processed and emailed, to the responder within 30 days of the completion of the scheduled appointment. We must have confirmation the appointment occurred. The survey incentive for eligible responders will be processed within 30 days of validation a conversation took place with one of our Technical Solution Consultants.

5. Incentives not redeemed within 120 days of being sent will be voided.

6. Privacy Policy: per our terms and conditions we do NOT sell any of your personal or company information.

7. In order to provide proof of eligibility and to ensure the proper processing of the offer, you must retain the original email invitation to complete the online survey. We reserve the right to decline processing of the offer without proof of eligibility. Eligibility subject to all Federal, State, and local laws and regulations.

8. Before submitting, please make sure you are compliant with your company/organization’s policy regarding acceptance of gift card.